Tips and Tricks

First posted on June 19, 2018

fish shell:


ssh-agent is a great way to manage ssh keys, particularly with programs which do not, or only poorly, support interactive unlocking of your ssh keys. fish is a little different than bash, and the usual ssh-agent commands probably won’t do what you want. In fish run:

eval (ssh-agent -c)

to startup the ssh-agent daemon, and then add keys as normal:

ssh-add ~/.ssh/$(YOUR_KEY)

Simultaneous output, multiple soundcards in pulseaudio:

pactl load-module module-combine-sink sink_name=combined

This creates an additional virtual soundcard with plays back on all available hardware sinks (outputs).

Inline LaTeX in org-mode:

Simply write your LaTeX inline with your text. Then enable previewing by placing

#+STARTUP: latexpreview

somewhere near the top of your file. While on that line hit C-c C-c to render the document’s LaTeX, or C-c C-x C-l to render the expression at point Make sure to M-x custmize-variable org-format-latex-options, and set scale and colours appropriately. Ex: Stokes’ Theorem: ∫Ωω = ∫Ωdω

Now you can put LaTeX in your org-drill captures…

Here pandoc manages the conversion from org-mode source for the post to publishable html, and I’m leaning towards avoiding embedding to many images, so rather than nicely rendered LaTeX, you’ll see the closest unicode equivalents.

TODO Document rendering LaTeX to PNG and embedding those in a hakyll based site.

Wine settings for games:

Age of Empires 2:

To fix gameplay elements rendering as solid black:

winetricks orm=backbuffer

Getting Over it with Bennett Foddy

Install winestaging. Open winecfg, go the staging tab and enable CSMT